Friday, November 1, 2013

C4T #3

C4T #3 Summary #1 - Belonging in the Primary Classroom

classroom desks overturned on the floor
In Belonging in the Primary Classroom, Henrietta Miller writes of an experiment where she tested her students to see how they would react when they weren't offered perfect order in the classroom. She wanted to see what would happen when they didn't have a properly arranged room with desks lined up in neat rows and stationary ready to use. While the students are at recess, she proceeds to "rearrange" the room by overturning some desks and hiding others, scattering students' belongings all over the floor, and making the room look like an utter disaster zone. She describes the students' reactions by saying that they ranged from shock and horror to absolute hilarity. Some of the students rushed to where their seat normally sat to see if "their area" had been affected. Others started picking up fallen desks in order to get the room back the way it was supposed to be. Henrietta spoke on noticing how it appeared that the students tried to create order in "their" section of the classroom. After a while, she asked the class to sit even though she knew some were going to have to sit on the floor. She allowed them time to discuss their feelings regarding what had happened and for the most part, the class voiced that they wanted and needed order in the classroom. They also said they needed to know that there was an area in the classroom that they could claim as their own. Their responses have made her wonder, "Is the transition from primary to secondary hard for many students because they have no sense of desk or table ownership?" She says that she intends to delve deeper to find out if it is true.

C4T #3 Comment #1

I have never before thought to wonder about a student's personal space in the classroom. That will have me pondering for a while. I hope to become a secondary teacher in a couple of years so this will be something that I can't wait to read about later. It makes me wonder if having a sense of ownership and pride in the area that they claim as theirs will have an effect on what they accomplish in the classroom. We don't realize just how much of an impact our surroundings can have on our mood and ability to perform. In my own house, I feel as if I can think much more clearly when it is organized and clean. If it gets messy and unorganized, I feel like I can't keep my mind on my work because I have so much to distract me. I can only imagine that it would be the same thing in the classroom. It might be a telling experiment to try to put half of the classroom in disarray while leaving the other half in perfect order. You would be able to see quickly if there is a correlation between the two. I can't wait to see what other things you learn with these experiments.

C4T #3 Summary #2 - A Week of Awards

Picture of Henrietta Miller
In Henrietta's A Week of Awards, she shares that she has had an amazing week due to being awarded the NGS Super Scholarship for 2013 as well as being one of the 2013 Outstanding Professional Service Award recipients. She shares all of this with her readers because she wants to show them how easy it is to get grants, scholarships, and opportunities that can help in the classroom. She says, "All I did was develop an idea and write an application in which I described my plan." She also shares with us that with enough hard work and determination, we could be recognized by mentors and institutions that will open doors for our learning and betterment of education.

C4T #3 Comment #2

Congratulations on all of your success. I can tell by the thought behind your posts that you care about the students in your classroom. I can tell that you want nothing but the best for each one which is what makes you strive to find ways to make their learning experiences better. I am sure that is what others see in you and why you have been honored with such prestigious awards. Again, congratulations!

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