Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blog Post #8

The Ever-Evolving Teacher
-Danya Croft, Carla Young, and Nathalie McCarty

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We, as teachers, should never stop trying to find new and inventive ways to reach our students.  In taking EDM310, we are learning some of those new and inventive ways at pace much more accelerated than any we will experience again.  We need to take advantage of the skills that we are being taught and think of how we are going to incorporate them into the classrooms of our future.  Let us not forget that we are to strive to become lifelong learners so as to better educate our students.  It is extremely important to the students we will teach that we give them the best education possible.  Therefore, anytime we come across a helpful website, we should save it.  When we are informed of an excellent app that could be helpful in the classroom, we should write it down.  When we are in the classroom observing our teachers, we should ask them what they use that is helpful; ask them what the students seem to positively respond to the most.   As a habit, the Botticelli group has begun asking the students that we observe what they enjoy most about the class.  We want to find out what works and what does not work.  Our first few years will be a lot of trial and error until we figure out what works for us.  Why not go ahead and get started so that we may cut down on some of those errors?  Let us ALWAYS keep in mind why we want to be teachers.  It is because of the students and the students alone.  Let us make everything we do and learn about them.  Let us strive to constantly better ourselves so that we may better our students in the process. There is a blog called The Ever-Evolving Teacher that is an excellent resource for creative ideas that could help you along your journey of improvement.

- Danya Croft

-Carla Young

Smart Music
-Nathalie McCarty


  1. The links work, but what is missing. There is a lot of blank space.

    Pinterest hold the record for number of recommendations.

    What is the fee for SmartMusic?

  2. I have added the Ever-evolving Teacher to C4T. Thanks.

  3. I apologize about the space issue. There was nothing missing, but I decreased the space to make it look better anyway. I am glad that you liked the Ever-Evolving Teacher. I added it to my PLN as well as signed up for the blog updates.

  4. Danya,
    Classroom-Aid sounds like a wonderful tool to use! I went to the website and found some useful tools for the future. I really liked how you used a Prezi to present your findings instead of writing the typical paragraph in your blog. I may use that tool for future blogs now. Overall a great blog.

  5. Hi Danya,
    I really enjoyed your blog. Classroom- Aid seems to be a great tool to use. I noticed how you can create quizzes and flash cards. I really thought it was a great idea to use Prezi to present your tool. It made the blog more interactive and easy to read.