Tuesday, October 8, 2013

C4T #2

C4T #2 Summary #1What I Did On My Summer Vacation

The horse Leg'cy
In Joseph McCaleb's blog What I Did On My Summer Vacation, he writes of a time when he was in school and was asked to write about something that he did during his summer vacation. He remembers that he always dreaded writing about that topic. He felt the need to demonstrate another alternative on how to better structure the question to allow for a fun, worthwhile writing experience. McCaleb decides to write from the perspective of his horse, Leg'cy. He has Leg'cy elborating on the fact that despite McCaleb not losing 100 pounds, he rides lighter than ever before. He writes that they learn new maneuvers and how surprised he is at this. Leg'cy also writes that instead of McCaleb giving mixed signals, Leg'cy is allowed time to process what happens. Then Leg'cy tells of how McCaleb "shifts him into powerdrive and off they go again." Leg'cy comments that he and McCaleb work well with each other and are both left "grinning and chomping on the bit for next time."

McCaleb makes an interesting suggestion that instead of writing on what the students did during the summer, maybe they should write about what they did from their dog's perspective or maybe their cat's. By doing this, you are allowing the students to use their imaginations and encouraging them to get into the minds of their pet's to explain the same thing they would have done otherwise. McCaleb states in his blog, "Working with the mind of the horse also inspires us to see engagement with humans in refreshed ways. Imagine classrooms distinguished by this delicate balance between external/internal. It needs a light touch, minute increments, time for absorption to trace tonalities into feel in order to track and recognize them for the treasure of deep satisfaction and personal empowerment."

C4T #2 Comment #1

I love the idea that teachers should get into the minds of their students just as you decided to get into the mind of Leg'cy. I think this is very beneficial for both the classroom as well as in life. So much more can be learned about why a person thinks the way they do if we just try to understand how it is that they think. Students do not think the same way and this is probably due to previous experiences throughout their lives. By trying to understand more about our students as individuals, we will learn better how to approach them in a way with which they can relate. I really loved how you were able to make your point through the thoughts of your horse, Leg'cy. It will certainly encourage me and anyone else who might read this to climb outside of our own heads to try to understand the needs and communications of others around us.

C4T #2 Summary #2Light Gets In

Light shining through the trees
In Light Gets In, McCaleb tells of a new book written by Louise Penny called How The Light Gets In which was greatly inspired by the poem Anthem. McCaleb posts several pictures from around his property and comments, "Foggy this morning but that photobug started buzzing by my eyes, maybe my inner eyes, anyway. A little walk around our woods and light and love came breaking in on some silent tide." He is referencing himself letting the light in just as in the poem. I strongly urge you to read this poem if you get the chance. It is very enlightening. Once you have, please leave a post stating your interpretation and thoughts.

C4T #2 Comment #2

Hello again, Mr. McCaleb. I just want to say for one moment that I have never before read or even heard of the poem "Anthem." I am thoroughly moved. We are such flawed creatures, yet we strive to be perfect in ways we will never be. "There's a crack in everything." We need to learn to appreciate the cracks/flaws in us as well. We need to see that it is those cracks that make us who we are and how we are different from anyone else. I also love the line, "That's how the light comes in." Is it grace that allows light to fill our cracks? I believe that we will have an inner peace the moment we accept the way we are cracks and all. I am glad that you were able to experience a flood of light and love this morning. There is no better way to start the day.

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