Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project #13

Project Based Lesson Plan
by Carla Young, Nathalie McCarty, and Danya Croft

Leaning Tower of Piza
How important is the Scientific Method? Well, to be honest it isn't a life or death necessity to know nor understand. However to some, it is exactly that. You see, it is because of science and the process of learning that we have discovered cures to diseases and other life saving advances. The Scientific Method is a method that is used to properly theorize, test, and conclude an observation or occurrence that was previously ladled with questions. Sometimes the process is proven correct, sometimes the process is proven incorrect, and sometimes the process remains completely inconclusive. Project Based Learning Lesson Plan #1 is a series of assignments meant to help each student get more acquainted with the scientific process so that they might use it in theories of their own.

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