Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project #14

Project-Based Lesson Plan #2

picture of solids, liquids, gases, and plasma

Mrs. Croft's Lesson Plans

My lesson plan focuses on how states of matter and molecule transport occur in nature.  Some students may not realize that they experience science everyday.  I want to show them that science is all around them with the food they eat, the drinks they enjoy, and the air they breathe.  First, I want for them to get an in-depth look at how particles move by conducting their own research quest and then by watching instructional videos.  They will be able to take that learned knowledge and perform experiments so that they may see that learned knowledge in action.  In this lesson plan, students will see some of the forces that cause particles to move and how the energy within the states dictate whether it is a solid, liquid, or a gas.


  1. Very well done and thorough! The only recommendation I would make is that you make your links a different color, because it was hard to tell what was your link at first.

  2. Thank you. I changed the color in hopes of making things easier to follow.