Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September C4K

C4K #1 Summary - This I Believe

Flaming basketball
Hakeem loves the game of basketball. He has been playing it since he was a little boy. His daddy has spent a lot of time helping him practice so that he could improve as he has gotten older. Hakeem admits to smiling every time his hands come in contact with the ball and that a good attitude is what makes him even better at it. He believes that nervousness is a sign of wanting to play whereas being scared is a sign that you really don't want to play. Hakeem believes that basketball has made him stronger physically as well as mentally. He believes that working hard to accomplish your goals is the best way to build character. He says that he is dedicated to the sport and will continue to work hard to be the best that he can be.

C4K #1 Comment

It is a pleasure to meet you Hakeem. My name is Danya Croft and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. My major is Secondary Biology Education which means that I want to teach biology to high school students. I love how you describe the game of basketball. I can tell that this is something in which you are very passionate. I think sports are an excellent way for anyone to keep healthy both mentally and physically. I used to play basketball when I was in high school and I just loved it. I played the point guard position and my specialty was the 3 point shots. There were times when we would get behind in points and my coach would start yelling, “3′s! We need 3′s!” Of course, I knew what he was asking so I would start shooting. Also, I like the quote you stated from Sherman Alexie. I agree that nervousness means that you want to play; it means that you care. In my opinion, scared is the feeling you get when you don’t have the confidence in yourself to do a job well done. It seems to me like you have a great attitude about how you should represent yourself as well as your team on the court. Your being able to smile while you play shows me that you have a calm temperament and a willingness to get along with your opponents. I understand how heated game situations can be and keeping a level head shows that you play with sportsmanlike conduct. Good sportsmanship is very admirable quality which demonstrates good leadership skills. Just keep up the good work and people will take notice. I bet your dad is proud of what you have accomplished and will continue to accomplish. What do you plan to do with your basketball talents after you graduate? Do you want to play for a college?

C4K #2 Summary - Who Like the book We Are Reading?

Worm sitting on a book
Hi everyone. Do you like the book we are reading? I do. I would like to know what you think about it. By Braiden.

C4K #2 Comment

My name is Danya Croft and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I am going to school to become a high school science teacher. Like you, I love reading and think that it is a wonderful way to learn new things and visit new places without leaving your home. Have you ever read the Harry Potter series or the Percy Jackson series? If you ever get a chance to read them, you will not regret it. I absolutely adore them. I love reading books that allow me to feel like I am living a magical life in a magical land with magical people. What about you? From all the books you have read, what has been your favorite?

C4K #3 Summary Rollercoasters

C4K #3 Comment

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you and Juliet did on the video 'Rollercoasters.' I really love how the both of you explained the proper precautions needed to enjoy a rollercoaster properly. Personally, I love rollercoasters and I have since I was a child. Surprisingly though, many people don't know the things to look out for before riding one. I think that anyone watching your video will get a clear understanding on what they should do and should not do.

I was so interested to find out more about this theme park Rainbow's End that I looked it up as well. It looks like it is a whole lot of fun. What is your favorite ride there? Do you like the loops?

C4K #4 Summary Why Birds Don't Get Shocked When They Sit on Telephone Wires

Two birds sitting on a power line
In Why Birds Don't Get Shocked When They Sit on Telephone Wires, Brandon learns that birds are not good conductors of electricity and that is the reason they do not get shocked. He learns that animals do not have an electrical base for electricity to flow through. However, he did learn that if a bird were to become grounded, it would then become a conductor of electricity and, therefore, be electrocuted.

C4K #4 Comment

I am learning to blog just like you. You did a very good job on your research on this topic. I like that you also use humor and examples to explain how the process works. One thing you might want to watch is capitalizing where there is not a need. By that, I mean shocked didn’t need to be capitalized. Otherwise, this is an excellent post. I would definitely recommend this read to others so that they can have a clearer understanding of why birds don’t get shocked. But what would happen if a bird were to touch two wires at the same time?

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